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1841 1881
  1851 1891
Custom Year 1861 1901
Age: 1871 1911

Take all the hard work out of calculating your ancestors' dates of birth on the censuses by using our simple age checker.

Enter the date of birth in the box above and the system will tell you how old he or she was in each of the censuses.

Or enter their age in the census you're looking at and the calculator will tell you how old they were in every other census, and the year they were born.

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1911 England and Wales Census NOW ONLINE!

Due to public demand, three years ahead of schedule, the 1911 Census has been released to the public. Soon available through the Findmypast.com website, it can currently be searched using FMP credits.

CLICK HERE to search the 1911 Census in association with Findmypast.com


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From the DOB checker the site has grown to provide what is hoped to be a valuable resource for those starting out, or for the seasoned genealogist.

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